Footwear Symbol Guide

This safety and protective footwear has been selected to offer a comprehensive range
of styles allied to modern manufacturing methods which are suitable for all working

Safety Standards
Our footwear conforms to EN 345 Safety Footwear, giving 200 joule toe protection and
EN 346 Protective Footwear, giving 100 joule toe protection.

Extreme Sizes
Some styles are available in extra large sizes and are noted on the charts.
Please refer to price lists for costs.

ESD (Electro Static Dissipative Footwear)
ESD Footwear is designed specifically for the electronic components manufacturing
and assembly industries. ESD conforms to BSEN 1000015/1 1992 to be superceded
by IEC 61340-4-3.

Categories of Safety Footwear
SB Toe protection tested to 200 joules impact.
S1 Safety Footwear Leather Upper plus Antistatic and Energy Absorbing Heel.
S2 As S1 plus Water Resistant Upper.
S3 As S2 plus Penetration Resistant Sole to 1100 Newtrons.
S5 Upper from all rubber or polymeric material plus P plus cleared sole.

Marking Code
HRO Resistance to High Heat 300°
E Heel Energy Absorption 20 joules
P Penetration Resistance 1100 Newtrons
CI Insulation against cold
WRU Water Penetration Resistant Uppers
A Antistatic Range 100kΩ - 1000Ω

This page provides a description for all the special feature symbols attributed to the
products on this site.

Eliminates or reduces static charge by dissipating charge into the floor.
Composite Caps
The product uses a non-metalic composite safety cap.
Composite Midsole
Non Metallic Midsole made from Composite materials.
Electro Static Dissipative
Designed for electronics components manufacture and assembly.
Steel Midsole
A steel insert provides underfoot protection.
Available in Unisex sizes
Water Resistant
The product is resistant against moisture penetration.
The product is completely waterproof.